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Tag: District Reform

Policy Brief/Proposal

Tool / Toolkit

Bilingual Teacher Shortage Threatens Students’ Bilingual Opportunity

California Budget & Policy Center

A fact sheet highlighting the shortage of bilingual education teachers in California, and emphasizing the importance of addressing this issue to ensure that all students, particularly those with home language assets, have access to an education that promotes biliteracy, offering cognitive benefits and increased competitiveness in the workforce.


Learning Through Radical Partnership: Developing Leadership Capacity in Leadership Candidates, Current District Leaders, and University Partners

California State University Fullerton

An article exploring how a leadership preparation partnership between a university and an urban high school fosters learning across candidates, school district leaders, and partner faculty.

Webinar / Video / Podcast

The Future of Smart Podcast

Grantmakers for Education

A 17-episode series of podcasts exploring ideas at the intersection of education, equity, and philanthropy that point us towards a radical re-envisioning of our education system.

Story / Case Study / Commentary

Beyond Teacher Leadership: The Role of Teachers as Learners, Innovators, and Designers for Whole Child Education

University of South Carolina, College of Education

An exploratory case study sharing the stories and strategies of two school districts that are committed to student-led learning, community schooling, and whole child education as well as supporting teachers as leaders.

Story / Case Study / Commentary

Is California Adequately & Equitably Investing in its Public School Facilities?

University of California, Berkeley

A blog post summarizing the findings of a study conducted by the Center for Cities and Schools at the University of Berkeley, which assesses the adequacy and equity of investments in California's public school facilities, and provides recommendations for the state leadership to improve their investment practices in order to support high-quality, equitable education and address issues related to aging infrastructure, deferred maintenance, and limited capital funding opportunities.

Webinar / Video / Podcast

Trauma-Informed Education: What governance teams need to know

California School Boards Association

A webinar to help governance teams understand the principles and strategies of equity-centered, trauma-informed education so that they can effectively support their local students, staff, and families as they navigate a range of mental health challenges and ongoing pandemic recovery.