The Stuart Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to improving life outcomes for young people through education. 

For over three decades, we have contributed to the conditions in which youth can develop into successful and thriving adults. We do our work in California and Washington State.

The Latest

  • As champions for California’s adolescents and education equity, we are inspired and guided by the work of our grantees and partners who are working to transform public education systems and design schools with the student in mind, with meaningful learning experiences at the center, and caring adults in relationship with the students to support their creativity, agency and belonging.

    Over the past few months, our grantees have produced a number of essential and timely reports and resources that help us understand what is needed during this challenging time. In addition to the insights offered in each resource, these publications taken together call for policymakers and educators to listen and learn as deeply as possible. We are pleased to share these resources and invite you to apply this information so all of California’s adolescents have the opportunities and resources they deserve, now and in the future.

    About the Artist

    Chelsea Chhem grew up at the heart of Long Beach, California. As the daughter of refugee parents, her art is linked to her identity as a Cambodian American. Throughout high school, she was part of Khmer Girls in Action. A grassroots organization for Southeast Asian youth to fight racial, gender, and economic justice. For Chelsea, one of the most instrumental moments was giving her the opportunity to design their campaign logo and the first volume of their coloring book. Her art continues these core principles. For her, art must be political, representative, and insinuate a culture of change and progress.  This artwork is part of the California Partnership for the Future of Learning’s Art Gallery which commissioned original pieces that reimagine what it looks like to create schools where every student, family, and educator thrives.

    Artist Statement

    “[This] image is of a student falling out of her school from the sky as she metaphorically graduates. In the fall comes out all the things she has learned in school. What comes out are elements hoping to reshape the framework of traditional school and inspire future change.”

Our Purpose

Improving life outcomes for young people through education.

Our Values

Act with Integrity and Respect • Make an Impact • Pursue Diversity, Equity and Inclusion • Be Bold and Persevere • Pursue Excellence • Be Accountable

Our Vision

We believe all young people can succeed in school and in life if they have opportunity and support. To make this aspiration real, we must navigate away from narrow definitions of achievement toward an approach that supports a well-rounded education for all, and especially adolescents who are furthest from opportunity. This kind of learning is found within schools and systems that are intentionally designed to deliver it and where students are seen and valued, and have the agency and support needed to succeed.

Our Desired Future

We envision schools and school systems with both the people and the means to break stubborn historical links between race, class, academic achievement and opportunity. These schools accomplish the most important work there is: helping every young person thrive, regardless of neighborhood or circumstance.

Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

Endowed and launched by Dwight Stuart, Sr. in 2001, the mission of the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund (DSYF) is to support organizations in Los Angeles County that provide direct services and experiences to underserved children and youth so they may gain values, skills, and confidence to achieve their potential.  In 2010, DSYF became a component fund of the Stuart Foundation.