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Policy Brief/Proposal

Policy Brief/Proposal

First Look: Understanding the Governor’s 2023-24 May Revision

California Budget & Policy Center

A report outlining key pieces of the California governor's May 2023-24 Revision and exploring how the governor prioritized spending amid the first budget shortfall of his tenure.

Webinar / Video / Podcast

Catalyzing Conversations on Coherence Webinar

Linked Learning Alliance

A webinar providing an overview of the state and federal funding streams that can be leveraged in concert with one another to launch relevant and rigorous pathways in communities and introduces a new suite of new tools and resources that can be used to further understanding of creating coherence in the high school and postsecondary experience.

Webinar / Video / Podcast

The Future of Smart Podcast

Grantmakers for Education

A 17-episode series of podcasts exploring ideas at the intersection of education, equity, and philanthropy that point us towards a radical re-envisioning of our education system.