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Tag: Post-Secondary Education

Policy Brief/Proposal

Policy Brief/Proposal

First Look: Understanding the Governor’s 2023-24 May Revision

California Budget & Policy Center

A report outlining key pieces of the California governor's May 2023-24 Revision and exploring how the governor prioritized spending amid the first budget shortfall of his tenure.

Webinar / Video / Podcast

Catalyzing Conversations on Coherence Webinar

Linked Learning Alliance

A webinar providing an overview of the state and federal funding streams that can be leveraged in concert with one another to launch relevant and rigorous pathways in communities and introduces a new suite of new tools and resources that can be used to further understanding of creating coherence in the high school and postsecondary experience.


California’s Hidden Gem: An Introduction and Overview of California’s Adult Education System

New Ways to Work

A overview of key features and elements of California adult education programs, with a focus on the Los Angeles basin, published to promote broader awareness of their value as well as to posit the importance of strategic partnerships and greater collaboration between adult education programs, county and city workforce development agencies, community-based organizations, and other entities providing services to adults.

Story / Case Study / Commentary

The Power Of Us Comes From Fully Being Us and Fully Seeing Them

KP Catalysts, LLC

An opinion essay about the importance of the Power of Us Survey by the American Institutes for Research, which provides valuable data on the youth workforce in various settings, including challenges related to staff shortages and diversification, emphasizing the significance of relationships in the learning and development ecosystem.