Our Vision

“The essence of our work revolves around focused grant making, moving towards measurable goals, and driven by thoughtful strategies.”

– Dwight L. Stuart, Jr., Chairman of the Board of the Stuart Foundation.

The Stuart Foundation supports effective education systems in California and Washington that provide opportunities for all students to learn, achieve and thrive. Primarily working through education systems, we promote strategies that nurture students to be self-reliant, succeed in education and careers, and engage meaningfully in their communities.

Voices from the Field

Students in foster care face challenges that go unrecognized far too often. The California School Boards Association (CSBA) and the Stuart Foundation have joined forces to ensure that foster youth are no longer invisible and instead, receive the support they need to maximize their education opportunities.

Our Emerging Focus

The Stuart Foundation’s emerging focus on educating and developing the Whole Child is a strategic evolution in the foundation’s commitment to bettering the lives of young people.

What's New