From the Field - Thriving Adolescents

  • Supporting California’s Children Through a Whole Child Approach A Field Guide for Creating Integrated, School-Based Systems of Care; WestEd, April 2022

  • New Tool Helps State Agencies Collaborate to Support Student Wellbeing; Chiefs for Change, February 2022

  • Community Schools Leader Insights: Community schools can help superintendents transform education, Brookings, April 2022

  • Horace Mann UCLA Community School: Stability, Agency, and Love; UCLA Center for Community Schooling, Spring 2022

  • A 4 Step Approach to Planning Collaborative Experiential Learning: Teachers can guide high school students to be active participants in their learning by having them work together on authentic tasks; Edutopia, April 2022

  • A scalable empathic-mindset intervention reduces group disparities in school suspensions; Science Advances, March 2022

  • JusticeEd: Year Two Progress Update; National Center for Youth Law, May 2022

  • Building California’s Response to Youth Homelessness: Year Three of the Youth Set-Aside; John Burton Advocates for Youth, April 2022

  • Connecting the Dots: How Colleges Can Collaborate with Homelessness Response Systems to Address Student Needs; John Burton Advocates for Youth, April 2022

  • Educating English Learners During the Pandemic Insights from Experts, Advocates, and Practitioners; New America, April 2022

  • KQED’s Youth Takeover: featuring student-produced stories reflecting their experiences and those of their communities as featured on The California Report Magazine, Perspectives, Forum, Bay Curious, Rightnowish and other programs during Youth Takeover Week; April 2022

  • Rooted in Connection: Reimagining the Foster System for Adolescents podcast; UCLA Center for the Developing Adolescent, April 2022

From the Field - Systems Improvement for Equity

  • Understanding the Effects of School Funding; PPIC Policy Brief, May 2022

  • FundEd: National Policy Maps – A National Overview of State Education Funding Policies, 2022

  • The Education Combination: 10 Dimensions of Education Resource Equity to Unlock Opportunities for Every Student, Alliance for Resource Equity

  • Early Indicators of Systemic Improvement: A Case Study of Two High-Poverty School Districts; Policy Analysis for California Education, March 2022

  • Toward a Better Measure: Recommendations for State Policy and Education Leaders on Measuring Student Need, Data Quality Campaign, March 2022

  • “Nothing Without Us”: A Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Case Study on East Side Union High School District; UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, 2022

  • Healing School Systems; All4Ed and MDRC, April 2022

  • Prioritizing Racial Equity in Student Mental Health Spending: States and school districts have rightly prioritized student mental health as they start to spend pandemic recovery dollars, but they must do more to ensure that funding also promotes racial equity. Center for American Progress, May 2022

  • Make equity the main ingredient in California’s community colleges; commentary by Christopher Nellum, EdSource, May 15, 2022

  • The Conflict Campaign: Exploring Local Experiences of the Campaign to Ban “Critical Race Theory” in Public K–12 Education in the U.S., 2020–2021, UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education and Access, January 2022

  • Race Counts: an initiative launched by Advancement Project California, USC PERE, PICO California and California CALLS that includes a comprehensive online tool ranking all 58 counties by seven issue areas critical to California’s future to paint a comprehensive picture of racial disparity in California.

From the Foundation

  • From The Stuart Foundation and The Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, June 2, 2022

    From The Stuart Foundation and The Dwight Stuart Youth Fund In response to the senseless murders of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, young people are demanding freedom from gun violence in their lives – whether at school, where safety should long have been guaranteed, or while living in their communities and in every place across our nation.

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  • January 2022 Update From its founding in 1985, the Stuart Foundation has worked to improve life outcomes for young people through education, with an emphasis on supporting those who are furthest from opportunity to become successful, thriving adults. We have approached this work with humility and a learning orientation as we seek lasting, transformational change in systems as complex as

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  • Resources from the Field

    Against a backdrop of pandemic-related pressures and uncertainty as we head toward the end of 2021, we continue to be inspired and guided by the work of our partners who are elevating the need to renew the promise of public education and to disrupt long standing inequities, especially for students of color, foster youth, English Learners and those who face

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  • Stuart Foundation Applauds Bold Vision in State Budget

      July 12, 2021   At the Stuart Foundation, we are taking tremendous heart in watching California schools re-open their doors again for students and families to reconnect with each other in person over the summer and into the fall. As schools re-establish shared and safe physical learning spaces, many are prioritizing creative learning and support for students’ mental health and social-emotional

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  • Listening to Student Voices

        Sometimes we just need to listen. “In a year that many have considered lost, we have learned much.” It’s the opener of a must-read EdSource commentary by six high school students from the UCLA Community School, which serves 99% students of color in Los Angeles communities hit hard by COVID-19. The students aren’t speaking of learning loss, but of capacity, perspective and empathy

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