From the Field - Supporting Students

  • A Conversation with Principal Leyda Garcia, UCLA Community School   Marisa Saunders, Associate Director for Research at the UCLA Center for Community Schooling, a Stuart Foundation grantee, recently talked with Principal Leyda Garcia of the UCLA Community School about the culture and structures she and her staff have put in place…

  • Beyond the Schoolhouse: Digging Deeper – COVID 19 and Reopening Schools for Black Students in Los Angeles, UCLA’s Center for the Transformation of Schools, 2021.

  • Meeting the Learning Needs of Historically Underserved Students During and After California School Closures: WestEd, May 2020

  • Restarting and Reinventing School: Learning in the Time of COVID and Beyond: Learning Policy Institute, August 2020

  • Improving the Quality of Distance and Blended Learning: EdResearch in collaboration with PACE, August 2020

  • Every School. Every Community. Beyond COVID-19. California Partnership for the Future of Learning’s Need Assessment Findings (April 2020)

  • No Longer Optional: Why and How Expanded Learning Partnerships are Essential to Achieving Equity in School Reopening and Recovery: Opportunity Institute and Partnership for Children and Youth, August 2020

From the Field - Leadership

  • Learning Lessons: U.S. Public High Schools and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Spring 2020, UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education and Access

  • COVID-19 Resources for Educators: Californians Together  

  • The ILC Handbook: A resource guide for leading sustainable professional development and advancing instructional capacity: Instructional Leadership Corp which is a partnership among the California Teachers Association (CTA), the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), and the National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Stanford University.

From the Field - Parent and Family Engagement

  • Fostering Parent Engagement: Removing Barriers to Data Accessibility: PACE, September 2020 

  • Stay Home, Stay Connected: COVID-19 Resources for Parent Teacher Home Visits: Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

From the Field - Improving the System

  • Continuous Improvement in Schools in the COVID-19 Context: A Summary Brief: PACE, August 2020 

  • Beyond Alignment: Striving for Coherence among Technical Assistance Organizations, Schools, and Districts: Stanford Center for Opportunity and Policy in Education

  • The California Labor Management Initiative Spotlight, October 2020: This series is a research-based examination of labor-management practices in school systems that have built intentional partnership strategies to improve outcomes for students and staff.

From the Field - Students Experiencing Homelessness, Foster Care and the Juvenile Justice System

  • State of Crisis – Dismantling Student Homelessness in California: UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, October 2020

  • Report and Recommendations of the California Advisory Task Force on Alternative Schools: Building knowledge and consensus to improve education outcomes for California’s 350,000 alternative school students: John Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, September 2020

  • Stuart Foundation Applauds Bold Vision in State Budget

      July 12, 2021   At the Stuart Foundation, we are taking tremendous heart in watching California schools re-open their doors again for students and families to reconnect with each other in person over the summer and into the fall. As schools re-establish shared and safe physical learning spaces, many are prioritizing creative learning and support for students’ mental health and social-emotional

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  • Listening to Student Voices

        Sometimes we just need to listen. “In a year that many have considered lost, we have learned much.” It’s the opener of a must-read EdSource commentary by six high school students from the UCLA Community School, which serves 99% students of color in Los Angeles communities hit hard by COVID-19. The students aren’t speaking of learning loss, but of capacity, perspective and empathy

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  • From the Stuart Foundation and the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund – AAPI Solidarity

      March 18, 2021 The murders in Georgia this week were horrific acts of racist and misogynist violence targeting Asian Americans. They were not isolated incidents, but the latest manifestation of the prejudice and injustice Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have experienced across centuries in this country. The Stuart Foundation and Dwight Stuart Youth Fund condemn these hateful acts,

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  • From the Stuart Foundation and the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund – January 2021

    Dear Colleagues, With last week’s inauguration of the 46th American President, this dark winter was brightened by a sense of possibility and relief. With tremendous hope, we embrace this new energy from Washington, D.C., where we see partners supporting youth to recover from one of the hardest years in U.S. memory. Nowhere was this new spirit more evident than in

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  • Foundation Statement

    Dear Colleagues: The January 6, 2021 assault on the United States Capitol was a violent attack on our democracy and the rule of law, fueled by a dangerous failure of leadership, conspiracy theories and racist rhetoric. The disproportionately light police response was as troubling as the events themselves. As we process these deeply unsettling events, we know this: More than ever, our children need the capacity to discern fact from

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