The Stuart Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to improving life outcomes for young people through education. 

For 35 years, we have contributed to the conditions in which all children can develop into successful and contributing adults. We do our work in California and Washington State.

The Latest

  • From the Stuart Foundation and the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund – AAPI Solidarity


    March 18, 2021

    The murders in Georgia this week were horrific acts of racist and misogynist violence targeting Asian Americans. They were not isolated incidents, but the latest manifestation of the prejudice and injustice Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have experienced across centuries in this country. The Stuart Foundation and Dwight Stuart Youth Fund condemn these hateful acts, both now and in the past – and we stand in solidarity with those who face systemic racism and oppression.

    While the pandemic has altered all of our lives, we’ve been outraged by the ruthless inequities of its impact – starkly unequal deaths and suffering, and unequal disruptions to education, daily routines and safety. As reported to Stop AAPI Hate, in the past year of heightened rhetoric surrounding COVID-19, there have been 3,800 incidents of violence directed against Asian Americans, with 45% of those incidents occurring in California – while many more likely go unreported.

    Our state is home to nearly six million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and we owe it to our young people to know, name, and address the realities of their lives. We are especially grateful to our grantee partners who work daily to create inclusive, welcoming schools and communities where youth learn and feel empowered, and where their whole selves are protected and embraced.

    Sophie Fanelli
    President, Stuart Foundation

    Susan Kagehiro
    Director of Programs, Stuart Foundation

    Kenji Treanor
    Director of Strategy, Effectiveness and Learning, Stuart Foundation

    Wendy Chang
    Director, Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

    Postscript: On March 26, 2021, we joined in this important effort, A Call for Solidarity and Collective Action: Asian American Philanthropy Letter of Intention, from Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy.  We are intent on working in collaboration with the hundreds of leaders who have also signed to enact this commitment. 

    The Stuart Foundation (California and Washington State) and the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund (Los Angeles) are sister foundations that collaborate and share the goals of improving life outcomes for young people through education and enrichment, with a focus on children furthest from opportunity.  

Our Purpose

Improving life outcomes for young people through education.

Our Vision

We believe all children can succeed in school and in life if they have opportunity and support. To make this aspiration real, we must navigate away from narrow definitions of achievement toward an approach that supports a well-rounded education for all children, especially those who are furthest from opportunity. This kind of learning is found within schools and systems that are intentionally designed to deliver it and where students are seen and valued, and have the agency and support needed to succeed.

Our Desired Future

We envision schools and school systems with both the people and the means to break stubborn historical links between race, class and academic achievement. These schools accomplish the most important work there is: helping every child thrive, regardless of neighborhood or circumstance.