The Premise and Promise of the California Connected by 25 Initiative

The Premise and Promise of the California Connected by 25 Initiative
October 29, 2011 Stuart Foundation


This initiative has recently been concluded.

The California Connected by 25 Initiative (CC25I) was a six-year initiative led by the Stuart Foundation and Walter S. Johnson Foundation to transform county child welfare practice and improve outcomes in key areas of the lives of foster youth ages 14 through 24. Developed to fundamentally change the trajectory for youth emancipating from foster care, grants were provided to child welfare departments in Fresno, Glenn, Humboldt, Orange, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Solano, and Stanislaus counties to develop community partnerships, engage and empower youth, and collect and evaluate data. Through the course of the initiative, the county sites were able to improve education, permanency, housing, and other critical outcomes for transition age foster youth, ultimately increasing their opportunities and ability to succeed in life.

New Reports Released!

Two new reports highlight the results of the California Connected by 25 Initiative and offer promising strategies and lessons learned. To read the press release, click here.

Highlighted Results from CC25I

Data collected from the initiative over a three year period, 2008-2011, found that:

  • Foster youth that completed some or all of their A-G requirements, the college prep courses needed for admission to a UC or CSU, increased from 31% to 45%.
  • Foster youth passing the high school exit exam (CAHSEE) increased from 44% to 54%.
  • Emancipating foster youth that reported having a safe housing plan increased from 53% to 72%.