California College Pathways Annual Report

California College Pathways Annual Report
January 31, 2009 Stuart Foundation

California College Pathways is a partnership of the California State University Office of the Chancellor, the California Community College System Office and the John Burton Foundation.  It is funded by the Stuart Foundation and the Walter S. Johnson Foundation.  The goal of the California College Pathways is to increase the number of foster youth in California who pursue higher education and help them achieve a positive academic outcome by expanding access to campus support programs, such as the Guardian Scholars Program, the Renaissance Scholars Program and other successful approaches to supporting former foster youth on campus.
To achieve this goal, the project pursues four strategies:
• Information Sharing: This includes collecting and disseminating information about available campus support programs in California and nationally, together with information about the latest research, legislation and policy developments.
• Technical Assistance and Training: This includes providing hands-on technical assistance and training for both emerging and established campus support programs through the development of publications and regional trainings.
• Policy Analysis and Development: This includes analyzing the barriers that prevent foster youth from entering higher education and developing practical, politically feasible policy solutions to remove those barriers.
• Coalition Building and Advocacy: This includes building a well-organized coalition of students, campus administrators, nonprofit professionals and public officials to advocate for policy changes which promote academic achievement among former foster youth.