Our partners are key to advancing Whole Child education. In Spotlights we recognize organizations, highlighting groundbreaking approaches working to transform students’ learning experiences, innovative ideas that supports, develop the skills and mobilize the energy of educators, and vital efforts to strengthen the connections between schools, communities, and education policymakers.

Student Centered Learning

We seek to sustain learning environments that are rigorous, relevant and responsive to student needs and interests and that help students to develop the academic, social, emotional, physical, artistic, cultural, and civic capacities that contribute to success in college, career and life.

Spotlight Story:

Envision Education

A charter management organization with a long track record in preparing students for college and career, Envision believes in partnering with districts and spreading what works in its schools to traditional district schools.  Envision will support the Los Angeles Unified School District to use portfolio assessment systems in 11 high schools, with a larger goal of building LAUSD’s capacity to spread the practice throughout the district. These portfolios offer teachers more precise diagnostic tools to gauge student accomplishments and needs, as they look beyond standardized test scores to more well-rounded measures of college and career readiness. We invest in this work for its potential to spread more holistic ways of gauging student performance, and for the promising partnership forged between a charter and a traditional public system.

Institute for Local Government

School districts, cities and counties across California are engaging in innovative partnerships to provide real opportunities for young people to better understand their governments and their role in civic life. The Institute for Local Government will produce three case studies of successful programs – such as Sacramento’s Summer at City Hall – as well as a set of policy and practice recommendations so that other school districts and municipalities can draw from experience to form their own partnerships. This work will be disseminated through the Governments Engaging Youth network. We invest in this work because more communities can benefit from the example of strong programs to connect young people to their civic responsibilities and their roles in the lives of their communities.

ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career

ConnectEd works at the forefront of the movement to transform the high school experience, prepare more students for college, career, and civic life, and provide deeper and more relevant learning experiences for young people. The Foundation supports ConnectEd’s general operations, which enable it to partner with leaders in schools, districts and communities to transform education through Linked Learning pathways. We invest in this work because it can change the trajectory for young people who might otherwise feel disconnected from school.


Professional and Social Capital

We support strong teachers and leaders who are equipped to educate the whole child, and strengthen the human and social capital of the profession by supporting their vital role as leaders.

Spotlight Stories:

Los Angeles Education Partnership

The LA Education Partnership’s Network Initiative brings together teachers in professional learning communities to learn and problem solve together, all with an eye toward better teaching for students. LAEP is working to engage 200 educators through 12 collaborative networks, with a special focus on school feeder patterns in South LA, to better align math curriculum , employ academic coaches to improve teaching, build teacher capacity for helping students apply for college aid, and focus on key school transitions for foster youth. We invest in this work because it brings collaborative, human capital solutions to pressing challenges and can serve as a model for efforts elsewhere.

Child and Family Policy Center: Attendance Works

Understanding that children must be present in school to learn and succeed, Attendance Works will support three California school districts to improve their understanding of and response to children who are chronically absent from school. These districts will be supported to analyze new chronic absence data, develop school-based interventions, and evolve student and family engagement policies to support increased student attendance with a goal of reducing absenteeism by? 10% in the pilot sites. A new Teaching Attendance Toolkit will help spread knowledge and strategies to practitioners beyond the pilots. We invest in this work because of its significant potential to keep more children on track to success in school and in life.


CSU San Marcos

CSU San Marcos and its Center ARTES is working to build a sustained public commitment to the arts as an essential component of education in the San Diego region. The university center has partnered with the San Diego County Office of Education to launch ART=OPPORTUNITY, a county-wide campaign that focuses on improving literacy through the arts and supports school districts to implement arts education plans. Regional summits will bring together teachers and school leaders to share best practices and provide professional development to improve teaching with and through the arts. We invest in this work for its systems and collaborative approach to elevating access to creativity for children.

State-Level Alignment

We seek to create a shared vision of whole child education and development at the state level by collaborating with districts across the state, and supporting research to drive aligned policy and practice.

Spotlight Stories:

Learning Policy Institute

LPI is going beyond its study of teacher shortages in California to examine the availability of principals and superintendents who are prepared to lead California schools during this period of immense complexity and policy transition. The Institute’s three-year research initiative will collect and analyze data on the school leadership workforce to inform state policy on effective leader preparation and support programs. We invest in this work because it will fill critical information gaps in one of our primary areas of focus – the strengthening of school leadership.

Public Advocates

In keeping with its long-standing role as a trusted voice for disadvantaged children in state and local policy conversations, Public Advocates will advance its work on smart and fair implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula. Its team will review school districts’ latest Local Control Accountability Plans for clarity about use of funds and highlight best practices for statewide benefit. The organization will continue to pay special attention to refining the multiple measures in the new state accountability system. We invest in this work because close attention to LCFF/LCAP implementation at both the state and local levels is essential if these new policies are to reach their intended goal of narrowing achievement gaps.

National Center for Youth Law: FosterEd

FosterEd provides technical assistance and training to state and local public agencies in California as they implement new state and federal policies to improve educational outcomes of foster youth. A project of the National Center for Youth Law, Foster Ed builds and supports collaborations and connections among the many entities that serve foster youth. The organization will support a network of cross-agency county teams working to improve policy and practice, with the goal of increasing government capacity to support the academic progress and college and career readiness of foster youth. We invest in this work because strong collaboration among all entities that serve foster youth is essential to ensuring the success of this vulnerable population.